TF- How long have you actually been working on this Alesta album?
AS-With music, you’re always in a work in progress state. After realeasing my “Unlocked” album, I already started to think what I want next, how will my music sound for my upcoming album. But to answer your question, it was a full year of work in the studio, rehearsals, choosing the right lyrics, the right beat, then having a photosession, and preparing my promo tour in Japan. It’s a lot to handle, but when you love what you’re doing, it’s also a pleasure.

TF-We're dying to know about your fashion sense?
AS-I’m a girl, I believe it’s in my DNA to love fashion. When I was little, me and my sister, we fought over my mom’s clothes. We spent time dressing like ladies J So, now my dream came true. I have two dressing rooms, one in Bucharest and one in Constanta, full of different types of clothes and accessories. I love new designers, they always have innovative styles. I like to combine classic/vintage items with something new. A girl should have a pair of statement sunglasses or shoes. But you know, a girl never has enough clothes :) 

TF -How do you describe your personal style? What is your inspiration?
AS-I’m a chameleonic person, so it’s my style. I take advices from professional stylists, but I always put my personal touch on a chosen outfit. I wear very feminine clothes, like dresses, skirts, but I also wear masculine outfits, like a shirt with palazzo trousers. It depends on my mood, on the event I’m going to.

TF-What is the essential piece you must have in your closet?
AS-I absolutely love sunglasses. I have a real collection. And many vintage jackets.

TF-What is the fashion rule you never break?
AS-I don’t like to wear clothes only for being in J I like to embrace my shape. I invest in timeless classic handbags or shoes.

TF- Describe yourself in five words or less?
AS-Music lover, fun, positive, a little bit crazy, fashionable, balanced.

TF-Today, what is your favorite song in your repertoire?
AS-“9 lives” - It has a pop reggae vibe and it’s perfect for the summer season. I like it also for its Latino vibe. This song is written by an American writer and the producer is Bulgarian.

TF In five words, describe your incredibly anticipated Alesta album?
AS-Fresh, danceable, powerful, happy and radiant.

TF-Which projects come to Alexandra?
AS-“Alesta” is released already in Latin America and now I’m working on a European version which will be launched very soon. I will have new videos and new music. It’s all about music in my life.

TF- How can people connect with you?
AS-I’m everywhere, hihi. I’m very active on my social media accounts. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. See you there, kisses.

Snapchat: alexandrastanof

22 de junio de 2016

Interview with Alexandra Stan

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