9 de agosto de 2014

The stylish adventures of Yoshiko Kris-Webb

          Hello! After some time of doing nothing on the blog. I decided to get out of theroutine in #Thefashioncode BLOG, I did interview to Yoshiko Kris-Webb a FashionBlogger who has had contact with the world of fashion since she was bornyou will love her style ... exclusive for #Thefashioncode 

Full interview...

How did you start to become interested in fashion?

 My parents were my first source of inspiration about fashion as my father used to take me shopping. I loved helping him buy clothes at his favorite shops, especially Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake and Armani. He was a good fashion adviser to my mother, too. and we used to go shopping together as a family. My sister and I accompanied them to my mothers favorite boutiques together and we would watch help her to choose. She looked great in Valentino, Christian Dior, Lanvin, Kenzo, etc.  
I was a very diligent student and got into a top university, but I soon began to long for an experience of the world beyond Japan so I dropped out and moved to New York. After working as an event promoter for a while I started a business trading rare sneakers then did some designing for some brands and eventually drifted further and further into the world of fashion.

        How started Yoshiko Kris-Webb Blog?

After almost five years in the US I moved back to Japan and began working as a buyer for an avant garde multi-label select shop in Kyoto. After meeting my husband, who was also a buyer at the time, at a fashion show in London in 2003 I moved to Tokyo and worked in fashion PR for a while before becoming a full-time mother.
My older daughter, Ninon, is 9 and her younger sister, Beni, is 8. When I was 28 I was scouted by the editor-in-chief of a lifestyle/fashion magazine called VERY. I started modeling soon after that and after a couple of years they gave me an exclusive contract. The magazine work is always great fun, but these days I also enjoy doing TV and radio shows, commercials, collaborations and charity projects.
The blog started in 2012. Its name, TOKYO DAME, is in homage to TOKYO DANDY, who I admire a lot and are often cited as the best fashion bloggers in Japan.
        Whats your most memorable fashion moment?

A fashion show in London in September 2003. It was Ann-Sophie Back. A clever young man came and sat next to me. We had a chat and then, sometime later, we got married and made babies.

        You have your own style, or who's inspires u?

Putting an outfit together - Japanese people use the English word coordinate - its like mathematics in a certain way. I like to calculate combinations precisely. I have and a set of rules that I always adhere too (except when I feel like breaking the rules ). There are plenty of women I admire, but none specifically whose style inspires me in a strong way. Even if I register someone elses outfit I process that through my own framework, my own distinctive aesthetic sensibility, so I feel that my inspiration comes from within myself.

    What are your rules of style?

They are top secret!

    Who are your favorite designers?

Too many to mention

  What are your musts?

With clothes, nothings an absolute imperative, but heels do so much for ones posture.

   Who do you turn to for high-fashion items?

My stylists

  And who do you look to for your basics?


 How would you describe yourself in five words

Yoshiko Kris Webb Mother Writer

 Which projects come to Yoshiko Kris-Webb?

Those from people who wish to communicate with Japanese women who have good taste

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