After The Alexandra Stan interview , I pick up Another Pop Singer , She's Cristina Lizzul, So we Love her fashion Style. Cristina choose some MUST HAVE for the summer so  Please check the Full Story...

"I am Cristina Lizzul and I’m an actress/singer born in Sunny San Diego, CA and raised in the beautiful Naples, Italy. I reside in LA right now although I’m back in Napoli for this month of August to promote my EP “PERCIPIENCE” and see family. I’ve been an artist since I was a kid, I started  my career in independent Italian feature films while simultaneously writing and singing. I’ve been in LA for almost 2 years now and I love it! I am constantly inspired and motivated to work on the next project. I just wrapped a live cinema project directed by the maestro Francis Ford Coppola, I played “Zia Carolina” and my PBR&B/ soul EP just dropped on July 20th (available on itunes, Spotify, Tidal, Applemusic etc.) I keep my sanity by being on set, in the theatre, in the studio or on stage. Something people don’t know about me is that I actually interned at a fashion modeling management for a few months and always thought fashion was such a high caliber art itself. I’m Italian so I OBVIOUSLY adore fashion!  I’m all for the natural and comfortable look but I will say, a little red lipstick never hurts :P
Comfort has always been my key, I think I might be the only Italian girl that kinda, sorta hates stillettos. Especially when I’m on stage, to be able to perform well, I need to be comfortable and confident so if I’m wearing an outfit where I constantly have to be aware of it ripping and pulling or 12 inch heels where the only thing I’m thinking about is “Don’t fall, don’t fall” it will have a negative impact on my performance and focus so I make sure that I’m wearing something gorgeous but also comfortable.
I get my inspiration for my lyrics, the characters I break down, short films I write from two main sources: Paintings and Fashion.
When I was working on my EP, “Percipience”  I would always think of what colors and what outfits I would be wearing  in my music videos so I always made stops to Topshop, Zara, H&M, Bershka etc..
 My style depends on my destination, It’ll differ form classy, cute doll dresses to sexy backless and laced shirts to vibrant colored rompers, blazers and high waisted classy boss pants to baggy boyfriend tees and Kanye style baggy jackets.

I absolutely adore rompers, they’re my #1 must haves, my closet is filled with them. I bought this orange romper online at ROMWE, they have the cutest and cheapest clothes. This year my favorite summer colors are very vibrant, mostly orange and red. This Romwe orange backless romper matches perfectly with my brown fringed sandals which I also ordered online from Victoria Secret’s lounge section.
I had to get the earrings as soon as I saw them, they’re so unique, decored with blue, yellow, green and brown beads and wrapped by black fringe. This is my  go to summer night out outfit, I’m definitely wearing this on the red carpet when I go back to LA. The earrings make it very fancy and amazon like, they give the entire outfit a classier look, they can also be taken off and it will give the outfit more of a “daily” “walk on Melrose” sort of vibe."

Earrings: Naples, Italy POSILLIPO MARKET 15.00 (Euros)
Sandals: Victoria Secret online lounge section $79.99

My daytime outfits this summer were high waisted shorts with backless shirts. I’ve been in that backless mode lately. I matched my light blue Tally Weil shorts (which I wear EVERYWHERE) with a ROMWE backless bathing suit, ZARA black winter wedges that also work for summer, my favorite Michael Kors bag and round MIU MIU sun glasses.

Black booties: ZARA $29.99
Sunglasses- MIU MIU- $250
This is one of my favorite outfits, this for example is my perfect performance outfit. My “go to” night out in either Napoli or LA.  As you can tell, I have a thing for high waisted pants. I matched my beige ZARA pants with a black H&M bralette/ crop top, a black CARPISA BAG, black converse and the final touch that always works with beige and black: RED LIPSTICK (Kiko red lip pencil and smashbox liquid matte lipsgloss.

Pants: ZARA: $29.99
Top: H&M $5.99
Bag: Carpisa  $30.00

I adore this white/pink AUDREY romper, I wore this for my 21st birthday. I bought this at the Hollywood and highland mall store HARPER. This can be worn both at night for fancier events but also for a day parties, I matched this with an H&M Baby pink hair band.

AUDREY floral romper:  Hollywood & Highland HARPER $49.99
Pink headback:  H&M  $3.99

18 de agosto de 2016

Cristina Lizzul's Must Have Fashion Items For The Summer

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