The summer is Here and I believe you that you want to stay  with your perfect swimsuit, so i did a top- list   and ofcourse the  post is dedicated to the best keys about how to style your swimsuit and that you will be able to wear it check it out  ; 

                                                                The denim short

We are have our classic denim short, new one or vintage it doesn't really matter. But I cannot think a summer without my favorite denim short. you can mixed it  with a one-piece swimsuit or a tribal t-shirt.



                                                                    The White dress

The laced dressed is perfect for your high waisted swimsuit or your one-piece one. it is so easy to find this kind of dresses from the most expensive brand to our favorite high end brands like Forever 21, Relvolve etc. but You can wear a mexican typcal dress In all types of laces, we prefer them in black or the classic white color.

The classic kimono

I LOVE IT they are so practically use to be used and combined.they are the ideal your beach outfit.Easy combined with all the types of swimsuits plus your pair of denim shorts and thats all.

The perfect  swimsuit

All you need is your swimsuit , if you want to make the most glamorous outfit then the accessories and colors are up to you. 

H A P P Y S U M M E R 

Photo source: Pinterest

22 de julio de 2016 Los Ángeles, California, EE. UU.


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