12 de marzo de 2015


Carolina sarria when was born?

The brand Carolina Sarria was started in 2011 after I graduated from the Art Institute in NYC.

In 2014 I partnered with Bianca Allen under the Carolina Sarria Brand, and now we both run
the line together both creatively and from the business perspective.

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer /s ?

CS : I knew it since I was little that’s all I ever wanted to do
Both my grandmothers were fashion designers in Colombia, so I grew up surrounded by their classic and elegant style. The way they crafted beautiful outfits and always looked amazing was a great inspiration to me. I also found influence in Michael Jackson and his immense talent growing up, as well as Coco Chanel and the empire she built.

BA: Fashion for me was always the creative outlet I was drawn to most. I grew up setting up
impromptu fashion shows and photo shoots with friends and after studying design at Polimoda in Florence, Italy, I knew it was my true passion. Growing up I was influenced by so
many different sources. I loved the intense detail in Alexander McQueen’s work as well as the effortless yet intricate designs of Yohji Yamamoto

How would you describe your brand?

CS: I would describe Carolina Sarria as dark and edgy. I wanted to create a line for the strong and defiant woman and with that, the Carolina Sarria brand was born.

What it inspires your collections?

All the CS collections are inspired by dark and spooky experiences that are present in everyone’s lives. We like to play upon moods and emotions that might be considered by most as sad or dark but that are the ones that inspire and build drive within us all. Finding inspiration in darkness and obscurity helps us bring to light the truth power and strength of the woman we design for.

What kind of feedback did you get on the collection?

I think we have a unique way of designing and also a specific type of crowd, so the ones that like the CS brand and have followed its growth throughout the years have always responded,“this is awesome”. The CS style is one you either like or you don’t, but I get really exited with the people that appreciate our work.

Do you have a specific research process when you start a new collection?

Carolina : I feel most creative at night, almost like a panther that hunts for its prey in the shadows. I love to let my mind wander and imagine in the dark, loosing myself in thoughts,inspirations, images and art…until boom its hits me and I know what I want to create and
which direction I want to take.

Bianca : I love to dive headfirst into research and exploration, letting my mind get lost in the creative process and to look at ideas in new perspectives. For me my mind is at its best
when I am surrounded by new places, people, sights and things and that is when I find my creativity is at its strongest. I love to explore and wander, and then come back to the studio
and piece it all together! Once we go through our different processes we start to blend our ideas together and begin to
form our new designs/ inspirations / stories and mood boards.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

CS : Our main goal at the moment is that we are looking to open up a studio/shop in the Lower East Side of NYC for the coming fall, so we are busy on the hunt for a new space! We also want to bring a very strong and creative couture feel to our upcoming SS16 collection, so
we are really excited to get to work on that.
I see Carolina Sarria as constantly growing, but doing so in a smart and steady manner… rather than being in 100 stores I want to be in 10 that I truly love and admire and believe have a strong contemporary esthetic like our line.

To connect with CS , head over to her official website.



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